Stacy Wentworth M.D.

As an Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Wake Forest School of Medicine and practicing radiation oncologist, I translate the story of science to newly diagnosed cancer patients every day.  In 2019, I opened the multi-disciplinary cancer survivorship clinic at our NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center which now serves thousands of patients and caregivers annually.  I continue to oversee this program as Medical Director of Cancer Survivorship. My research has been selected for presentation at national conferences and I have many peer-reviewed publications.   

I am also a contributor at Psychology Today where my posts on Cancer Survivorship have garnered thousands of views.  I have appeared on television and podcasts including Triad Cancer Connection. My award-winning creative writing has appeared in many online publications. When not seeing patients, or writing, I live with my husband on our North Carolina farm with a menagerie of animals. I am working on my first book.